BM Ambitions
Price: $ POA.
15.3 ½ hh
Reg: Thoroughbred
YOB: 2015
Dam: Nova

"Pye" retired racing in November 2022 and has been re-educated throughout the year. Pye will excel in any discipline which makes him the perfect all-rounder. Pye has been to 3 shows this year and his first 2 ridden shows were both indoors which he had no familiarisation prior and went around like he had done it 100 times. He is not a horse that needs working down at competitions.

He has shown ability to jump and has happily gone over 70cm cross country jumps. He has great movement, a rocking horse canter and is balanced with all 3 paces. He tries his best with anything you ask him but he also would be very happy plodding along just enjoying the company as he can be on the lazy side. He could be one of the quietest thoroughbreds I know, he goes on trail rides alone, he is easy to prep and ride at shows. He has been an absolute pleasure to own and this is a regretful sale due to no fault of his own but only due to a change in circumstances.

Anybody will be lucky to own him as he appreciates any time you spend with him. Pye is a horse that will only be sold to the very best of homes and I will be picky with who he ends up with. He gets treated like a king and he will continue to do so with his next owner.

Currently in work but due to transitioning from a racehorse to the show horse life this year, he would appreciate and benefit from a spell over the summer with trips to the beach etc.

Nothing is perfect in life and unfortunately pyes imperfection is he does wind suck. This is managed with electric fencing and a collar on in the stable. This has never affected his love for food or any other illnesses.

Good to shoe, float, wash etc.
Video available

Contact: Casey
Ph: +0488 001 414
Location: Champion Lakes WA - 6111
Advert Placed: 22/10/2023
Photo credits: Christie Lyn and Vicki Photos

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